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Digital Publishing Forum


The Publishers Association, the Centre for Publishing at University College London and EDiTEUR organise regular Digital Publishing Forum seminars, which examine current issues of strategic importance to academic, educational, trade and other publisher through a mix of presentations and discussion sessions. 

The aim of the Forum is to brief publishers on technical developments, market trends and legal issues in the area of digital publishing; its seminars are also open to companies servicing the industry and other players in the information chain.  It provides an opportunity for these various parties to meet each other as well as listening to cutting edge but accessible presentations.

These friendly, informal events are usually held at University College London from 4-6pm.  They allow ample time for questions and discussion, and are commonly followed by drinks and an opportunity for further networking. 

 Visit for a registration form for the latest event. 


Past presentations 2014

New Business Models, 19th November 2014

We all know that publishing is changing. Technology and consumer demand and taste is driving change with a need for content to be packaged and delivered in many different ways to suit the preferences of the consumer – be they the leisure reader, the academic researcher or the educator. Technology is enabling this and book publishers are embracing these myriad opportunities. Within the UK publishing industry there is a wealth of content at our fingertips and publishers are constantly evolving new business models to transform and deliver this content to satisfy the consumer. Sometimes models adopted for books right across the industry are borrowed and adapted from the academic journals sector where there has been decades of experience.

New Business Models for Publishing -- Ros Pyne, Nature Publishing Group / Palgrave Macmillan

Emerging Business Models -- Ruth Jones, Ingram

Identifiers and Identification in the Digital Age, 14th May 2014

The forum began with an introduction to the principles of identification from Graham Bell of EDItEUR, including a presentation of the principles and the LCC identification paper covering issues including functional granularity, collocation and disambiguation, the Theseus paradox etc; when there is and when there isn't a case for standards; and minimum referent metadata.

Identifiers and Identification in the Digital Age -- Graham Bell 

Case Study: ISBN's Transition to Digital -- Stella Griffiths, International ISBN Agency

Case Study: Identifiers in the Audiovisual Sector -- Raymond Drewry, Movie Labs

'State of the Art 'Review: The International Standard Name Identifier -- Andrew MacEwan, British Library


Digital Textbooks and Learning Resources, February 2014

Kate Worlock, Outsell

Sue White, University of Southampton


Past presentations 2013

 Tools Not Rules: Copyright in the Digital Age, 11th December

Laurie Kaye, Shoosmiths

Florian Koempel, The Publishers Association


Digital Developments in Licensing, 23 October

Katy Loffman, Rights Solutions

Tom West, PLS

Jonathan Griffin, PLS

Godfrey Rust, Rightscom


Online Communities, 25 September

Anne Perry and Nick Coveney, Hodderscape

Susan Curtis, Managing Editor, IOP Publishing


Raising Standards with EPUB 3, 1 May  

Daniel Weck presentation slides:

As an EPUB3 file (tested on iBooks and Readium, Kobo app on iPad):

As regular web pages (tested on Chrome, should work on other web browsers too): (use the arrow keys, the space bar, and the 'm' key to navigate).

Improving learning outcomes in Higher Education through the use of digital technology, 20 March

Sam Webber, Blackboard

Neil Broomfield, Wiley

Andrejs (Andy) Alferovs, Kortext


Technology meets content:  publishers and e-reading devices, 27 February

James Macfarlane, EasyPress Technologies

Dan Martin, Chameleon


Past presentations 2012

Measuring the Reader, 15 February, UCL

Martha Sedgwick, Sage Publications

Stephen Morgan, Squiz UK

Angela Conyers, Birmingham City University

Eela Devani, Bloomsbury Publishing 


Accessible Publishing:  we are closer than we think, 18 January, UCL

Sarah Hilderley, EDItEUR

Huw Alexander, Sage Publications

Alyssum Ross, Hodder Education


Past presentations 2011

Digital Marketing to and with Libraries, 2 November, UCL

Sandy Mahal, The Reading Agency

Joanna Ellis, Faber & Faber

Nigel Thompson, Wiley-Blackwell

Jim Thompson, Edinburgh Library

Johanna Brinton, OverDrive 


Understanding EPUB, 28 September, UCL

James Macfarlane, Easypress

Graham Bell, EDItEUR

Video, James Long, PanMacmillan, & Graham Bell, EDItEUR


Mobile Technologies, 15 June, UCL

David Payne, Sean Barriball,

George Walkley, Hachette 

David Palmer, John Wiley 


Online Conversations:  Reaching Communities using Social Media, 16 March, UCL 

Julia Lampam, John Wiley & Sons
Philip Sheldrake

Hot Legal Issues for Publishers, 12 January, UCL

Laurie Kaye, Laurence Kaye Solicitors, & Hugh Jones, PA Copyright Counsel


Past presentations 2010

Building Digital Skills, 8 December, UCL

Suzanne Kavanagh, Skillset

Dominic Mahony, Hachette

Lending & Rental,10 November, UCL

Martin Palmer, Essex County Council

Ruth Jones, Ingram

Tim Godfray, The Booksellers Association 

Emerging Business Models, 15 September, UCL

Eddie Powell, Fladgate LLP

Online piracy, 5 May, UCL

Ronald Schild, CEO MVB GmbH & libreka!

Digital identifiers, 3 March, UCL

Alison Jones, Director of Digital Development, Pan Macmillan

Brian Green, Executive Director, International ISBN Agency

Graham Bell, Head of Publishing Systems, HarperCollins  

Blue Skies and White Clouds:  Ebook strategies for 2010 and beyond, part of the PA's Digital Content Forum, 26 January 2010, Mander Hall

Bertrand Moullier, Narval Media

Mark Carden, Consultant


Past presentations 2009

Digital legal issues, 11 November, UCL

Hugh Jones, PA Copyright Counsel, & Laurie Kaye, Lawrence Kaye Solicitors

Online piracy, 21 September, UCL

Tim Smith, Rouse

Mark Young & Graeme Grant, Covington & Burling LLP 

Avoiding losing control of digital, 20 May, UCL

Alicia Wise, PA/PLS

Graham Bell, HarperCollins

Helping customers find your e-books, 25 March, UCL

Caren Milloy, JISC Collections

John Windus, Nielsen Book

David Martin, EDiTEUR

Syd Davies, The Booksellers Association

See also The identification of digital book content by Michael Holdsworth

Making the most of social networks, 14 January, UCL

Michael Bhaskar, Pan Macmillan

Rolfe Swinton, Apollo Media