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Public Affairs


We undertake a wide range of public affairs outputs, including:

  • Building and leading coalitions of major publisher trade associations, collecting societies, and authors providing thought-leadership and a platform for collective action on major policy issues such as the passage of the Digital Economy Act
  • Building lasting relationships across government, Parliament, Whitehall and the industry to ensure that our members’ interests and concerns are heard and understood 
  • Responding to consultations on relevant issues at UK Government and EU level; advising our members where it is also necessary for them to engage and equipping them with the knowledge and tools to do this
  • Briefing UK Government Select Committees on topical issues
  • Holding Parliamentary receptions and other events and identifying platforms where our members and industry representatives can meet with political and other policy-making stakeholders
  • Promoting co-operation amongst trade associations and businesses within the sector through the creation of forums which enable the industry collectively to further its advocacy objectives
  • Working with and sitting on cross-sectoral boards and organisations to ensure that the publishing industry’s interests are reflected in the development of marketing and commercial strategies for the creative economy

In doing so we liaise with stakeholders at every level to ensure all these issues are heard by Government, in Parliament, in Whitehall, and abroad, including:

  • Ministers and their officials in the Departments of Culture, Media and Sport; Business, Innovation and Skills and the UK Intellectual Property Office
  • Shadow frontbench teams, to influence the development of the opposition's policy agendas
  • Commissioners and their officials in the relevant Directorates-General at European Union level
  • MEPs and MPs, individually and through forums including the All-Party Parliamentary Publishing Group, which exists to promote the publishing industry and discuss issues challenging this sector and bring them to the attention of government
  • A wide range of third-party stakeholders including non-departmental bodies, think tanks, key opinion leaders and other trade associations across the creative industries

In addition to the areas outlined above, we also provide a range of other additional services to our members on an ad hoc basis:

  • Development of industry policy on specific non-regulatory issues through consultation with members
  • Insight into political, legal and regulatory developments which will affect our members
  • Guidance with the messages members can use most effectively in their own communications activities