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Policy & Advocacy


The core service which we offer our members is representation and lobbying. In a rapidly evolving and politically complex landscape it is essential that the publishing industry’s voice is heard across Whitehall, Westminster, the European Union and the media. We engage with a vast range of stakeholders to ensure that our members’ interests and concerns are understood and reflected wherever policy is being made. In doing so we are able to influence the strategic direction of policy making wherever it affects both the commercial and creative facets of the industry.


We are focused on a number of issues which are critical for the survival and promotion of the publishing industry:

  • Protecting the copyright framework and ensuring that new or amended legislation reflects the best interests of rights holders
  • Steering the development of new and amended legislation to allow our members to continue to innovate and develop new business models to maximise the potential afforded by digital technology
  • Ensuring that regulation and legislation around VAT and all aspects of commerce and e-commerce continue to benefit the industry
  • Working with Government to maximise the benefit and exposure our members receive from the Creative Economy Programme
  • Promoting the UK’s world-beating publishing industry in terms of its economic, cultural, social, scientific and educational contribution to both society and UK plc

The PA also provides the secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Publishing and the Publishers Content Forum. Both these groups exist to further the collective objectives of the publishing industry in different fora.

For further information on any policy or advocacy issues contact Emily Cleevely, Head of Policy and Communications.