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PA Statistics Yearbook


The PA statistics yearbook  is the definitive source for statistics on the UK book publishing industry. 

PA members have free online access to the above yearbooks by clicking here. Non-members can purchase the PA statistics yearbook 2012 by clicking here.

Each issue of the yearbook provides: 

  • sector reviews by leading figures in the book trade;
  • five year sales and trend analysis of publishers' home and export sales by sector and region;
  • estimates of the UK book market market size;
  • results of the monthly (from 2014) PA's digital survey;
  • results of the annual production survey;
  • results of the biennial survey on rights and co-editions

Each year the yearbook includes a new feature, for example:  

  • In the PA statistics yearbook 2009  a summary of some detailed statistics from the work of the PA's Educational Publishers Council was included as a new appendix and the sales of ELT were separated from the sales of school books.
  • In the  PA statistics yearbook 2010, a breakdown by category of higher education textbook sales from the Academic and Professional Division's survey was included as a new appendix.
  • In thePA statistics yearbook 2011, we have included total digital figures by sector, sector highlights, and a new section on publishers’ “other income” which looks in detail at the full results of the PA biennial survey of rights income 2010, the results of the PA survey of agents 2010, and the total revenue from photocopying and digital licensing of extracts fom the Publishing Licensing Society.
  • In the PA statistics yearbook 2012, the school and ELT sectors have their own section for the first time, and it includes the full results of the PA survey of rights income and survey of agents 2012.
  • In the forthcoming PA statistics yearbook 2013, to be published end of April 2014, the academic and professional section has been expanded to reveals the book exports of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and STM by region, and we have our first look at learned journal sales in 2011 and 2012.  For further information on this year's edition click below. 

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