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UK publishers seeking ties at 31st Istanbul Book Fair


Hürriyet Daily News

The Publishers Association UK looks to lay the foundation for cultural exchange with Turkey before the latter becomes the guest of honor in London in 2013

Ahead of the upcoming London Book Fair in 2013, where Turkey will be the guest of honor, The Publishers Association U.K. is visiting the ongoing 31st Istanbul Book Fair, seeking to establish cultural and trade ties between the publishing industries of the two countries.

“We have brought with us a range of publishers from academic to children’s, education, fiction and nonfiction. This is exposing books in the English language to the general public. However we also have a strong aim to offer translation rights to Turkish publishers as well as attract booksellers and distributors of English language books from a business-to-business perspective. Overall, raising awareness of British books and publishing in Turkey is our objective,” Emma House, the trade and international director of The Publishers Association U.K., told the Hürriyet Daily News.

The London Book Fair’s hosting Turkey as the Market Focus country next year is a highlight of cultural, professional and diplomatic exchange, according to House, who considers this event a spark for flourishing mutual trade opportunities as well as a chance for learning, understanding and respect for each other’s cultures to build trusting business relationships. “During the London Book Fair, Turkish writers will have the spotlight on them in the press and in the British community. A cultural program curated by the British Council of writer and cultural activities both in the lead up to and after the fair with British writers coming to Turkey and Turkish writers coming to the U.K. will ensure a sustained commitment to building cultural and business relations through trust and engagement,” she said.

‘Huge and exciting project’

“The book fair is a wonderful place to explore opportunities for collaborations. We heard about digital publishing in Turkey as well as about the FATİH project. We hope that British content will be considered for this huge and exciting project,” House said, adding that the Turkish Culture Ministry had invited seven British commissioning editors from British publishing houses to show them a range of Turkish writers and publishers with the objective of encouraging more books from Turkey to be translated into English.

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