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Government wins Judicial Review of Digital Economy Act


The Governmnent has today faced down a Judicial Review launched by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) BT and TalkTalk into the legitimacy of the Digital Economy Act, designed to prevent illegal filesharing and safeguard creative content.

The Judicial Review took place on 23rd March and a decision was handed down today (20th April) in the High Court, with the Judge choosing to reject the majority of the grounds raised by BT and TalkTalk to question the legitimacy of the Act.The Publishers Association has campaigned for the creation and implementation of the Digital Economy Act throughout its progress in Parliament and beyond, so the decision today represents a significant victory in upholding sturdy copyright and intellectual property laws.

Richard Mollet, Chief Executive of The Publishers Association commented:

“We are delighted that the government has successfully won the judicial review and that BT and TalkTalk have failed to derail the implementation of the Digital Economy Act. This legislation is vital if the UK creative industries are to succeed in the digital age.  Preventing online copyright infringement is a  problem for large companies, SMEs  start-ups and ultimately the whole economy. Innovation and creativity can’t be sustained if those creating content aren’t rewarded for their work. We hope that this decision means that we can now work with ISPs and Government to push the Digital Economy Act forward so that it can fully support our businesses and industries.”